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Letter: Many thanks to the staff at Northside Hospital Forsyth

This letter is going to be totally inadequate in conveying my deepest appreciation and admiration to the doctors, nurses and all the wonderful staff at Northside Hospital Forsyth. I was extremely sick when I arrived at the emergency room and was dreading the long wait I’ve heard about that can take place in hospital ER’s. 

Within five minutes of arriving, I had been assessed and was receiving the testing and bloodwork needed in order for the doctors to make a diagnosis. I was amazed how professional and efficient everyone was, each doing their part to get to the bottom of my illness. 

The subsequent stay while they got my infection under control was every bit as amazing. Everyone tending to me seemed to take great pride in their job and couldn’t have been more helpful, prompt and nice. There is no way I could have gotten better care anywhere in the world. They saved my life and I thank each one of them.

Carol Stull