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Letter: Proud to be a part of North Forsyth Raiders 1997 softball team

Kudos to [FCN Sports Editor] David Roberts on a truly great article: “They Were First: North Forsyth Raiders Softball, 1997” detailing the success of Coach Byron Orr and the Raiders softball team in the early years of the scholastic institution.  

I was an assistant principal at North Forsyth during those years (1994-01) and began as its first athletic director (1994-96) as well.  

The team approach that was evident in this article permeated throughout the school and community, but was typified by the outstanding success of the softball team.  

Principal Mike Weaver is to be congratulated on constructing an instructional staff, which included athletic leaders, that immediately collaborated as a team to insure success throughout the school culture. I was fortunate to be a part of it!

Richard W. Gill

Asstistant Principal, North Forsyth High School 

(1994-01); Principal, South Forsyth High (2001-06); 

Principal, West Forsyth High (2006-11)