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Letter: A response to column by Dick Yarbrough

[Forsyth County News] regular columnist Dick Yarbrough is at it again. A while back he took a few shots at we deplorables who are Christian and [Donald] Trump supporters. This week he went after the “wingnuts” in the Republican party.

Probably many fit both of the above.

Based on the headline it seems that he is trying to influence our newly-elected governor to move away from his primary election positions on guns and illegal immigration and any other policy that would please “wingnuts” like me. If we have a swamp here in Georgia, speaker Ralston is the leader. Does Mr. Yarbrough wish our new governor to listen to him so Republicans can remain in the majority? The speaker criticizes those who criticize their fellow Republican as being “ideologically correct rather than being elected.” President Trump isn’t listening to the swamp and hopefully neither will Gov. Brian Kemp.

Maybe Mr.. Yarbrough can hold his nose and support “wingnut” Sen. [David] Perdue in his re-election bid in 2020.

Ralph Johnston Sr.