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Letter: Syrian troop withdrawal not as portrayed

I would like to express my opinion on, and, in my estimation of, the unacceptable blatant lack of humanitarianism and the shocking political miscalculation of President Donald Trump regarding the “total” withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria. (And he did this in a self-sequestered manner, without advice of his close aids or political and military advisers.) Not only that, but his purported rationale was to mollify President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey for a perceived personal snub at a recent New York meeting of world leaders and to bring our troops back home.

It was the same President Erdogan who recently spent millions of dollars to buy a Russian missile defense system. A “safe zone” was to be established by the Turks in a territory where many Kurds lived. This left the Kurds, one of our only allies in the mid-east, to be thrown under the proverbial Trumpian bus to defend their families and territories without U.S. military aid needed to fight Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State. The Kurds fought with and for us from just our hand shake to prevent the ISIS terrorists from spreading their vermin of hate for other sects (ISIS represents the causative agents of New York City’s twin towers catastrophe) and their Neanderthalic methods of annihilating people that they have captured (alive beheadings). 

The truth is that our U.S. forces were not brought back home as promised by the president as an election and re-election ploy, but are being transferred to other areas of the mid-east. 

Hundreds of ISIS rouges have already escaped prisons due to greatly diminished numbers of Kurdish guards and U.S. forces in areas now abandoned by presidential decree. And the ISIS escapees will only be too happy to attack European, and yes, additional U.S. lives and monuments of U.S. successes.

Turkey has already sent in Arab ethnic cleansing troops to annihilate many of the Kurdish people. The story does not get any better from here. 

There is perhaps, a reverberation from the not too distant past that loudly screams out to us. And that is “peace in our time.” A very haunting refrain.

Lastly, it is hoped that the citizens of our area are aware that our two U.S. congress persons, representatives Doug Collins and Rob Woodall, both Republicans, were some of the few courageous members of congress to speak out against the president’s immoral and totally incorrect assessment of the Syrian/mid-east political and military assessments. I applaud them for putting country over party and substance over style.

Lou Belinfante