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Letter: Threats to higher education

The April 19 commentary by Michael Barone concerning the threats to higher education is one of the best and most informative [the Forsyth County News] has ever published. It should be required reading for every teacher, school administrative personnel, and every politician that has any vote in educational issues and spending. 

He is so correct on every point he makes and the efforts by our lieutentant governor to enhance trade schools and put more effort in high-tech jobs are greatly needed to correct the problems Mr. Barone points out.

If you really want to attack the problems involved in worthless degrees and student debt, then look at funding the HOPE Scholarship money by “the majors the student takes and not just grades.”

Put the money into funding bachelor’s degrees in technology and science areas, jobs in medical and health care, finance, education degrees for public school teachers, and trade school programs.  

Stop funding or greatly reduce it for bachelor’s and liberal arts degrees, where few folks have good chances of finding jobs and will then seek trade-school programs that offer jobs when you immediately graduate and save considerable money and time to get started in life. 

Basically, pay to educate kids who will seek degrees the job market wants and needs and not just a degree with little or no value in tomorrow’s job market. 

Frank Frederick