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Letter to the editor
Babies deserving of protection too
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Forsyth County News
President Obama ordered the close of Guantanamo to restore America’s moral standing.  Water boarding and torture do not embody the ideals of our country.  Public opinion of these procedures is understandably negative after they have read descriptions of what happens or seen re-enactments.

President Obama’s other major accomplishment in his first days of office was to drastically increase and promote the availability of taxpayer funded abortion.  If we witnessed the procedure (or a reenactment of the procedure) perhaps the public reaction to this executive order would have been more than a stifled yawn.  

There is no worse torture than violent dismemberment.  Babies deserve at least as much protection under the law as the masterminds of 9/11 or the terrorists that are shooting at our troops.

Babies are good; killing them is wrong; it’s time to end abortion.

A.Todd Black