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Letter to the editor
Political intolerance no surprise here
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Forsyth County News
I moved to Forsyth County five years ago, from Dacula. Having lived in Gwinnett County for 27 years, I was very happy to be living in a place that seemed  so tranquil. 

I was not prepared for the political climate of this area. Gwinnett County was predominently Republican, but they didn’t preclude the existence of the Democratic party as seems to be the case in Forsyth County. I was angered and disgusted by seeing Barack Obama portrayed weekly as some sort of baboon on the editorial page of this newspaper, during the  campaign.

So imagine my surprise when I see his  picture on the front page of the Wednesday, Jan. 21 edition of the Forsyth County News proclaiming his inaguration as president.

My surprise soon turned to anger when I read about the burning  and “vandalism of a northeast Forsyth County home belonging to a Barack Obama supporter.”

During the campaign I really wanted to put an Obama-Biden sign in my front yard because I was so excited about their candidacy. However my sixth sense told me it was a bad idea.

I know most Forsythians are decent, law abiding citizens, but there are a few people in this area who  seem almost rabid in their intolerance of anyone who doesn’t share their political views.I didn’t think my house would be torched; but I wouldn’t have been surprised if  I  had been the victim of some kind of  vandalism. A few doors down from me, my neighbors had a McCain-Palin sign in their front yard. Almost every time I saw that sign, a part of me wanted to remove it.

I knew that they were expressing their right to free speech  by  supporting their candidate,but I think what annoyed me most was the fact that I was unable to do the same thing. When I read about this heinous crime, I was deeply saddened, but unfortunately, I wasn’t really surprised.

Alice Scott