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Letter to the editor
Elected leaders destroying country
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Forsyth County News
We have allowed out leaders to destroy our country.

We have set back and allowed them to pass laws that have destroyed our way of life. They have passed laws to allow the killing of unborn children. They will not allow our children to wear any Christian emblems on their clothing in school but they can wear any person on their clothing except Jesus. We have allowed them to take prayer out of schools, but they still began their day with prayer. They have passed laws to damage our lakes, streams and rivers. Now they want full control over all the water regardless where it might be, private or otherwise.

No child left behind is a joke. All children are not the same and do not require the same education. Most children do not need to go to college. They need a good education in math, English and reading and then maybe they can balance a check book and keep track of their funds. They need our love more than anything else and they need to know that we are on their side through their entire life.

Just a thought, our county leaders balk at spending $48,000 an acre for some beautiful land. They didn’t quibble over spending around $135,000 an acre for property for green space.

I realize our leaders are doing the best they can, but I also believe they need to use more good sense when spending the taxpayers’ money on these projects. Just because we vote to allow them to spend money for these projects does not mean they have an open checkbook to spend the money freely.

God bless our county and out nation.

Sid Barfield