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Letter to the editor
Position on Bethel makes no sense
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Forsyth County News
Can someone help me understand...please!  

Patrick Bell says we should just give Bethel Park to the YMCA because there is no money to build and manage the RV campground.  He says due to the economic situation its “not in the cards.”

Yet in an ariticle adjoining the one in which he makes that statement, the county commission just approved the purchase of the Buice Property for $5.1 million ($120,000 per acre in this real estate market seems a bit steep).  

Please help me understand how taking Bethel Park, virtually for free, from the Corps of Engineers and building some RV spaces that will be rented out and pay for themselves is not economically “in the cards,” when the commission can buy raw land for $5.1 million that will still require outlay for trails, ball fields etc.  

Mr. Bell, care to help me with this?  By the way, I wonder if he will have to deal with the traffic, noise and hassle of having hundreds of cars and people on his road every weekend after this nightmare park the Y has in mind is in place.

Tim Amidon