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Letter to the editor
Wrong time for unneccessary expenses
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Forsyth County News
I was reading the Forsyth County News this morning and saw an article in reference to Mark Hamilton’s resolution to create and install four signs to honor the judge.  Please understand that I assume the judge was well liked and active in the county and no disrespect for the judge is intended.

Mark needs to realize that currently the entire country is in a depression. Every time I turn around someone wants to raise my taxes in some manner and I would like our goverment officials to stop frivolous spending. These signs will result in thousands of dollars being spent so that someone can ride by the sign and say who is that.

The money might be better spent fixing the pothole at the intersection of route 9 and route 20, or perhaps we could feed some homeless people in the judge’s name. Feeding homeless, is that not a great idea?

Dennis C. Walczak Sr.