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Letter to the Editor
Hear the people on Fair Tax issue
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Forsyth County News
In the July 17 edition of the FCN, former Georgia Democratic Party vice chairman for constituent groups, Virgilio Perez Pascoe, made a statement that I think summarizes the problem with politicians today.  

In response to the question on the Republican primary ballot about the Fair Tax and the fact that 85 percent of the voters expressed their support of it, Pascoe stated, “I don’t think the Fair Tax has a prayer...but it does represent a sense of what voters are thinking.”

Eighty-five percent of the vote for support of the Fair Tax (and 80 percent in neighboring Cherokee County) should be a big wake-up call for our local representatives that we want action, and the sooner the better.  

Congress continues to sit on our economic problems, while the answer is right in front of them.

What’s that old saying?  Oh yeah: Government ... by the people, for the people. OK, elected representatives, now get out there and represent us!

Janice Sullivan