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Letter to the editor
Dog ordinance makes no sense
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Forsyth County News
As an animal owner and animal nurse, I find this dog chaining ordinance to be disturbing.  

This ordinance does not help the situation in Forsyth County. If this is passed, you will not be able to chain your dog up to a tree for a potty break. No matter what.  At least these dogs are contained.

If people have these ordinances to go by, you will see more dogs just “on the loose.”  I have two dogs and have just built our home, I have not gotten around to building a fence yet.  Are you going to take my dogs away?  

If you have seen the number of dogs that end up at Animal Control, you would realize that a chained dog has a good home because it is a home.  Does a dog deserve to be taken away and possibly euthanized because it doesn’t have a fence?  

What about people that lose their homes in this economy and are forced to seek rental homes.  Guess what? The landlord won’t let you build a fence.  Can you really say goodbye to your pet of 10 years?  

I wish these commisioners and county attorneys would put themselves in other people’s shoes. Animal laws really should be enforced on a case-by-case basis.  There really can’t be a one-size-fits-all approach to this situation.  

Even veterinarians of the county say this ordinance has flaws.  I would invite the board members to call the veterinarians of this county and ask what they think.  Just because a dog has a fenced yard does not mean that a dog has love and care.    

Christina Diestler