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Letter to the editor
Time wasted on new dog policy
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Forsyth County News
I commented in this paper on the dog chaining issue when it came up before. It seems to me the current Republican administration in this county is going to learn a lesson like they did in Washington.  

I’ll use a quote from [Sunday’s] editorial (with a couple of changes):  “Facing the biggest financial crisis in decades, with jobs disappearing by the thousands, homes foreclosed upon in record numbers, businesses closing and bankruptcy courts booming,” county “leaders picked now as the time” to talk about a non-existent problem.  

Republicans or conservatives are supposed to represent a philosophy of less government.  This idea of forcing people to build fences or some other such nonsense, in a down economy, for absolutely no good reason, is a ridiculous waste of government time, our tax dollars, and an undue burden.

If some misguided PETA types want to start a voluntary fund to help all the poor pups that aren’t getting scholarships to obedience school or acres of green grass to frolic in, let them.  The government has no business wasting our tax dollars on a non-existent problem or forcing people to abide by an unneccessary regulation that can’t afford it, and shouldn’t have to.

Porter R. Downey III