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Letter to the editor
It's time for us to speak out
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Forsyth County News
We now live in a permissive society. Anything done to relieve us of our rights is permitted by us — without questioning. If they say this is done for our own good or this will be good for us, we believe them without thinking of the end result. People when are we going to put an end to this type of rule and stand up and be counted.

One example of this is the lottery. This has exploited the poor people of Georgia, those that can least afford to waste their money. Have you ever heard of a millionaire winning? Of course not, they don’t waste their money on a 5 million to one chance of winning.

Another example is the massive stimulus package of giving billions of our tax dollars to greedy banks, mortgage insurance companies, states and car manufacturers. Everybody has their hand out for supposedly free money. I am afraid that all of us will learn that everything that is free is really not, and we will all suffer in the long run. Not only us, but our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Our leaders play with trillions of dollars like we play with a $10 bill. But they have no conscience and are always trying to figure how to get more of our money. It looks like they always succeed.

By the way, have you read what out leaders did for Georgia Power, giving them our money to give to their stockholders, and then if they have an overrun on the power plants we absorb that too. They bypassed the PSC, which we elected to watch out for our interest.

We have a great country and we need to rise up and take it back. Need to get rid of all these leaders who only look out for their party and worse, themselves. The people need to let them know that if they vote against what is good for the people, we will do our best to remove them from their seats. I still believe they need their terms limited to two terms.

Someone once said ‘it is time for all great men to come to the aid of their country.” and this is truly the time.

God bless America.

Sid Barfield