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Letter to the Editor
Too much time spent on video games
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Forsyth County News
Video games are starting to take over kids minds. What do I mean? Take me for example.

I am 10 years old and last summer my friends and I were playing outside. Now one year later all they do is play Xbox360, Wii, Playstation3, and DS. I am getting so lonely because I barely get to play with my friends outside.

If parents are reading this article, please pay attention to how much your kids play and think of the consequences. Your kids may get overweight, they might get poor eye sight, and their brain functioning could go haywire.

Instead of playing video games your kids could read a book, play outside, watch some interesting shows, or play board games for the whole family to have fun. And parents don’t fuss at your kids for playing too much, because more likely it was you who bought the game system. Now I am not trying to say to band all video games, but let your kids be wise with their time like me.

Andrew Kofman