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Letter to the editor
Shipp's column much appreciated
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Forsyth County News
The task we as citizens have of trying to make representative government  and our effort of a free society to actually function and do so on into the future is demanding and sometimes messy work.  Last week a letter proposed that the column written by Bill Shipp needs to go.

How is it that we can see Shipp as a worthless commentator when the Michelle Malkin column carried by the FCN gets pretty brutal in describing people she disagrees with.  Is turn about not a reasonable remedy?  And what about all those U.S. Chamber of Commerce essays and conservative think tank essays that FCN runs?  Is it possible some other readers find some of those personally offensive?

Is it possible our letter writer is working with a defective copy of the Constitution picked up at a scratch-and-sent shop, a copy that left out the very first article of the Bill of Rights, that messy little detail known as the 1st Amendment. Are we really ready to toss free speech and free press in the recycling bin?

This man may personally offend some people. Dont read him! This man has helped me understand some of the historical background of politics in Georgia.  I would be personally offended if his column were ditched.

Vernon Kuehn