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Letter to the editor
Entitlements will lead to collapse
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Forsyth County News
From the din of opinions regarding our current financial situation, I have plucked some plums of truth which I would like to share with your readers:

1. The United States government is unable to fulfill it’s social security, medicare financial obligations.

2. The President’s financial strategy is to use borrowed funds in the name of a virtually bankrupt U.S. Treasury to create permanent financial obligations, a plan that the European Union president calls “a way to hell”.

3. The U.S. government could overnight make the American worker the most sought after worker in the world through tax reform.

4. The originators of the “no money down” mortgage are current members of the United States Congress.

5. George Washington made his way in private and military life, then somewhat reluctantly served as president. He won because he did not campaign. The idea of a professional politician in his day was not a very fond notion. Today the nation’s stewardship depends on ever-campaiging contrived politicos.                                

What do all of these ideas have in common? Entitlement. While the buzz of the media and the persona of the man distract, few partisans care to talk about any of the above concepts. In a time of confusion and frustration, the most accurate message that should be heard throughout our land is that entitlement can lead to the collapse of our economy. And our government. Period.

Randy Kells