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Letter to the editor
Animals deserve humane treatment
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Forsyth County News
I would like to put in my 2 cents on the dog tethering amendment.  First let me state that I am a God fearing, gun-owning, meat eating, small government conservative who thinks that animal rights is a silly idea.   What I do believe in is human responsibilities and common sense.  

A few common sense points:

A dog living on a chain 24/7 must feel a bit like the worm on a hook. There is nothing protecting them from other dogs, coyotes or any other type of danger.  

It’s already illegal in Forsyth County to chain a female in heat (sec 11-3, C).  If that was enforced maybe we could reduce the half million in county tax dollars we spend annually euthanizing unwanted pets.

For people who say that the dog is for security, guess what?  Thats illegal too (sec11-9, D).  Security/guard dogs are not allowed to be chained.
Some people say if they can’t chain their dog out, they couldnt afford the dog.  OK . . . you can’t afford a dog.  You do not have a right to pets.  It’s like the old saying, if you can’t afford the insurance you can’t afford the car.

A chained dog is an un-socialized dog.  Just down the road from my home is a pit bull chained to a tree in the front yard of a house.  100 yards from the pit bull is a school bus stop.  Although he looks well fed, (he’s at least 80 pounds of muscle) I’ve never seen anyone interact with the dog.  There is nothing between the danger that dog may pose and any child that mistakenly walks up to it.

On a personal note, I cannot understand why anyone would even want a dog if they are going to keep it chained.  Dogs are companion animals, and it’s inhumane to isolate them.  If you don’t believe me, chain yourself to a tree for a week, Ill bet you change your mind.

Bill Mulrooney

Officer & volunteer

Humane League
of Lake Lanier, Inc