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Letter to the editor
Chaining dogs not unduly harsh
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Forsyth County News
To Steve defender of all things animal [letters to the editor, 3/15], if I may also speak for Christina, we are not uninformed.  You mentioned in your letter precisely what I and others are concerned about, which concerns outlawing 24/7 tethering.

That in itself defines the undue burden of this regulation. Many people can’t afford fencing, especially in this down economy. Some people have dogs used for security purposes that are not simply pets. This lemming like mentality encouraged by PETA and others, to raise all animals to nearly equal citizenship status as humans, has gotten out of hand. They want all of us to be vegetarians and be converted to their religion of worshipping animals and gaia.

The Bible warns in the last days that there will be some that forbid the eating of meats and so forth.  As a Christian, I do not place the rights of animals over humans. I do look forward to the time the lion will lay down with the lamb, and am against the outright harsh treatment of animals, excluding those we kill for humane purposes, and for sustenance.  

Also, if a dog is well cared for, regardless of how it may be constrained — whether in a pen, in a fenced yard, on a chain or tether, or cooped up in some apartment all day — I do not consider any of that harsh treatment.  There are many in this world suffering harsh treatment as the result of famine, genocide, wars, and all sorts of crimes against humanity.  

What about helping the homeless here in our own neighborhood Steve?  According to my copy of “the book,” this is a fallen world, and all that are in it suffer the corruption thereof. We may strive to legislate perfection,  do away with all risk,  keeping all comfy and cozy (including their pets), but Stepford lives with Stepford wives, and big brother firmly in control is not my idea of Utopia. It is not the kind of hope that I share with people. That hope is in Christ, not in the all knowing beneficence of our current government.   

Porter Downey III