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Letter to the editor
Keep government out of paychecks
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Forsyth County News
We must continue to resist the recent tendencies for government to grow by controlling our personal lives and incomes.

The latest rumbling from the White House is threatening to excercise government control of private industry pay and bonuses.  This is a dangerous move for all of us and the country. If we let the government tax the bonuses of executives (any executive) it will not stop with TARP recipients, banks, or Wall Street. Nor will it stop with executives.

Remember, the amendment for income taxes early in the 20th century was passed on the promise that only the very richest (greater than $50,000) would be affected and only at 3 percent.  And you know where that has led us!

We must urge our legislature to vote no for any legislation that gives the government more power than it should have.  History has proven they either do not know how to handle it or they have an agenda (remember the income tax amendment).  

Few of us like the bonuses given out recently by companies receiving money that can be linked to our taxes.  Maybe the “root cause” for these bonuses was giving them “bail out” monies to begin with.  Please think about it.

Any bill that directly or indirectly interferes with our private industry pay is stretching the government’s power beyond where it should be and beyond what can be controlled.  Specific taxing of bonus money is just as wrong as receiving it.  Two wrongs don’t make a right.

Joe Gliebe