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Letter to the editor
Education always targeted for cuts
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Forsyth County News
Please explain why our Georgia educators, responsible for educating the youth of our great state and underpaid to begin with, are always having line items deleted from the budget?

What is happening to the federal government’s $400M earmarked for Georgia education? Why is there a proposal to have teachers give up their pay for one week in order to save the state budget from floundering? I’m not sure if this proposal has gone to the floor for debate yet, butwhoever introduced this idiotic proposal should be ousted from any further government activity.

What kind of nonsense are we breeding within our Georgia legislative branch’s thought processes to think that our school system budgets should always be the first to be trimmed to make adjustments to save the state budgets?

Why are the state and county cutting pay incentives from our teachers? Have any of these learned legislators and school board members ever been in a position to see what teachers go through in a school year for planning, scheduling, implementing, state and federal reporting, peer and parent meetings, etc.?

How long are we, the parents of today’s youth and tomorrow’s adults, going to put up with the continuous downplaying of education and the importance of their budgets?

The pay scales of our nation’s educators are not what makes these people select education as their lifelong career — it’s dedication and a desire to work with our youth to help make a difference.

Pay is not the driving force. And yet, we have teachers so dedicated that they make purchases out of their meager monthly pay for school supplies and give of their own time over and above the classroom hours required. Why?

Why can’t we wake up and start helping our educators by enhancing their budgets rather than stealing from it? Surely there are areas in the budget that can be trimmed without affecting education. Education of our youth should be one of the top line items that cannot and should not be tampered with.

Frank Notarnicola