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Letter to the editor
A fond memory of family's Easter
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Forsyth County News
During the ’50s and ’60s, Easter was a special day at church. Everyone dressed in their special clothes with pretty hats, frilly dresses and new shoes.

The people looked like new flowers popping out for spring and new life.

I had eight children. We farmed and raised chickens and all had chores to do on the farm. I don’t know how I managed to make the Easter dresses for my four little girls and my dress plus dress my four sons on Easter Sunday every year, but I did. Back then all mothers dressed up their children for Easter Sunday and went to church and had egg hunts for the children after the service.

My four girls — Merlene, Peggy, Gladys and Vianne had a little friend, Linda Spence, that lived next door who came every day (Sunday too) to play. She was always with us. One Easter I made all my girls a dress with ruffles, and bloomers to match for the youngest, Vianne. Linda came dressed to go to church also.

They all rode the church bus to Sunday School and we went later. My oldest daughter, Merlene, helped dress the younger ones; however, this particular day she forgot to put on the 4-year-old Vianne’s new bloomers. Before the service started everyone was asked to stand during the singing and little Vianne stood up on the bench and straddled the back rest. That’s when we noticed she didn’t have her bloomers on! Our friend, Linda, held her in her lap the rest of the service.

One lady commented — you have five beautiful daughters and this one (Linda) looks like you. I nodded — no need for explanation.

I’m 88 now and Easter dress-up church frilly hat day has lost it springy touch.

Wynelle Nichols