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Letter to the editor
TV comedy sadly is a reality show
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Forsyth County News
This is not an endorsement.  I do not have any personal or financial investment in what I am suggesting. Well, that’s not true. There are the tax dollars I send to the county, state and federal government.

If you are like me, and fed up with the way our county, state and federal governments are making decisions and spending your money, please watch “Parks and Recreation” on NBC Thursday nights.  Anyone who has ever had any interaction with government on any level will find this comedy show to be almost documentary in it’s portrayal of civil servants at work.

Before those of you who make your living off your own taxes, and those of the rest of us, fire off your “that guy is a jerk” responses, I respectfully ask that you watch the show, then walk into a govenment agency anywhere in the U.S. and make an unbiased observation.  Go to a county, state, or for the best example, federal meeting on any issue and you will see the genius of this show’s writers come to life in front of you.

Yes, there are good civil servants who do good work. But the folly that unfolds in front of us every day is incredible.  Example:  green space at $165,000/acre.

Watch the show. You will understand what I’ve written.

Scot Wakefield