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Letter to the editor
Bible does belong in nation's jury room
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Forsyth County News
I read an article regarding the Bible in the jury room in the Easter edition of the Forsyth County News. I am respectfully responding, hoping that you can feel my humbleness and see the truth I wish to portray.

Honestly, I was angered when I first read the column. Your paper positioned it below two articles speaking of the meaning of Easter. I pondered on why this woman would be against the Bible in the jury room, and became brokenhearted.

The same day I read this article, I also read articles from the New York Times regarding every inauguration from President Washington until President Obama. Our country is very different now than in its beginning. Now we depend on the logic of man whereas, in the beginning, the founders depended on the authority of Biblical scripture written in the English language that was brought over with the Pilgrims from England and authorized by King James to be the infallible word of God.

Their authority did not originate from the Torah, Quran, “Mein Kampf,” Ayn Rand, The Seven Aphorisms of Summum or the Principles of Wiccan Belief. Our very laws, courts and justice system were founded to be “One Nation Under God,” and His word is called the Holy Bible.

Having been on a jury, I understand the weight that responsibility lays on a person as they must determine the verdict that will forever change or end a person’s life. I did not have a Bible in the jury room, but I did have its words in my mind and used them to make my decision from my heart.
I am convinced these jurors were seeking authority higher than their own to make such a difficult decision.

Yes, I believe in capital punishment, and I am a born again Christian. Just as much as God is love, He is also just and true and holy. We must accept Him and His Word entirely, not just the areas we relate to or even understand. We are God’s creation — how dare we the created tell Him right from wrong?

Evidently, justice was served in this case with Khristian Oliver because the attorney general believed this man would have been convicted as guilty because of his actions regardless of the Bible’s input. This article was not really about the trial of Khristian Oliver. It was about the authority of God’s word, and the lack of reverence for it.

Sherrie Cox