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Letter to the editor
Government has to cut back too
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Forsyth County News
Last week’s April 15,  “Tea Parties” across the country should serve as a springboard for the voters to demand accountability from all of our elected and appointed officials. It appeared from Forsyth County News accounts that only federal officials were the targets of the protests. I can assure you that all civil servants need to be concerned with increased accountability during tough times.

When Forsyth County home values decline and our tax assessments rise, we don’t need to look to Atlanta or Washington D.C. When your newspaper asks the county tax assessor about this discrepancy, and she gives a smug response, that makes the taxpayer wonder if she really appreciates doing her job to the best of her abilities and if she really wants to serve the public. Are we effectively looked at as cash cows?

It has become obvious that the present administration in Washington has decided to follow the European model right down the sewer. That’s right folks; step right up for your free government health care, daycare, cap -n- trade energy policy, and more education reform. As the federal government confuses what I call hard priorities and soft priorities, I don’t think the Forsyth County government has that luxury. As far as I know, they can’t print money, but they can tax.

I read in Sunday’s letters to the editor that a county resident was applauding our commissioners for approving another recreation center to enhance our “quality of life” and hopes that they can secure funding soon. This coming on the heels of purchasing overpriced acreage for green space and building aquatic centers is  irresponsible  spending of tax dollars.   

Where do you think this funding will come from?  These soft priorities, are nice but not needed.

At this time when many of us are having to tighten our belts and getting by on less, the county government needs to focus on hard priorities such as infrastructure, police, fire/emergency services, and effective educational strategies. The quality of life is what you make of it.

David Turner