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Letter to the editor
When do we do something about North Korea?
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Forsyth County News
For weeks we were warned.  Television, radio, and the Internet inundated with the news that North Korea was setting up to launch a long-range missile, possibly placing a satellite in orbit.  

For once news channels on both sides of the fence, right and left, agreed that such a launch would not be a good thing for anyone.  

We heard this day after day for at least a couple of weeks.  

We also heard warnings from many powerful nations, the U.S. included, on how this could disrupt the balance of the world.  The United Nations warned North Korea of “serious consequences.”  

Our secretary of state also warned  North Korea of “serious consequences.” And our president warned them of “strong actions.” Japan, South Korea, and many other countries also threatened consequences.  

The world has a great deal of experience when it comes to North Korea.  The United Nations and sovereign countries have entered into agreement after agreement with North Korea.  

It can be assumed that the world and its civilized countries understood North Korea well enough to know it would launch despite the threatening rhetoric broadcast around the world by everyone.  We can be confident that the launch was not a surprise to anyone.

So why are we all now wondering what to do about it.  Can you see why it launched despite the warnings from the rest of the world?  Because of no fear of reprisals.  You see, North Korea knows us also.   

So the missile was launched and what are the consequences?  The entire world must be thinking about it.  

Were we (the civilized world) ready?  Did we have consequences in mind?  Did we think we could bluff them out of launching?  Why weren’t we ready with fair and immediate consequences?

Washington warned North Korea many times of many consequences,  So, where are they? One would  expect a plan ready for when the missile was launched.  Guess not.  

And we wonder why a rogue country such as North Korea would have the nerve to defy the entire world.  Well, maybe not the entire world. There is China and our “comrade” Russia who will ensure tough measures will not pass the U.N. processes.  

Maybe a “kinder and gentler” U.S. did not work this time.  Or maybe this is just one of the predictions of our vice president coming true.

Joseph Gliebe