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Letter to the editor
Honesty needed in homosexual debate
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Forsyth County News
In response to the May 2 letter to the editor by the chairman of the Forsyth County Republican Party, Mr. Ethan Underwood.

If the chairman of the Republican Party, and the Republican Party of Forsyth County for that matter, wants to object to gay marriage on moral or religious grounds, then they should do so and be clear about it.

However, to attempt to connect this lifestyle choice to unsupported, unreferenced “studies,” declare it “unhealthy,” infer that we should run around and “cure” homosexuals, and then complain that the lifestyle is a burden to the taxpayer is worse than disingenuous, it’s simply not true.

I wonder what this says about the chairman and the party in Forsyth ... not to mention for an attorney to write this as an editorial letter.

If Mr. Underwood is so very concerned about the burden that unhealthy lifestyles place upon the taxpayer, then let’s ’get busy!

We need to ban fried foods, junk foods, remove them from our schools; prescribe mandatory weigh-ins of the populace and tax those who are overweight; stop the sale of alchohol and ban smoking; hike the tax on cigarettes and tax any food not declared “healthy.”

And these measures only start to address the major chronic conditions responsible for the majority of the health care costs in the U.S. today (see http://www.cdc.-gov/nccdphp/).

And how do we get started “curing” those homosexuals?

So much for “small government” Mr. Underwood.  

Robert Slaughter