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Letter to the editor
Community spirit not found in garden
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Forsyth County News
Bureaucracy is rampant from the government down. It is no longer “for the people” or even about the people.

If Wachovia has an empty lot, it should have been going to the people “offering” garden space [with a signed release of liability]. We have lost courtesy, grace, spirit of community, and it has been replaced with animosity, greed and power.

Shame on Wachovia and any other corporate entity which follows these same principals. Online, Wachovia’s “Strengthening Our Neighborhoods” policy states as it’s third premise “3) helping neighborhoods become vibrant, proud places to live and work”.

I’m guessing that is just an advertising gimmick. We had a tea party. Might I suggest a “garden party’” at all the local Wachovias.

Deb Schmalshof