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Letter to the editor
Secular arguments against gay marriage just dont exist
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Forsyth County News
I would like to respond to a recently published letter from Mr. Ethan Underwood regarding the need for secular arguments against gay marriage. The reason no such arguments exist is because opposition to gay marriage is rooted entirely in Judeo-Christian dogma, and attempting to interject it into our constitution is a clear violation of the separation of church and state.

Because the misguided theory that homosexuality is a congenital defect and can be cured originated with the Christian right, it holds no value as a secular argument, and deserves no validation here.

The statement that taxpayers should not be expected to subsidize care for unhealthy lifestyles is too little, too late: the American taxpayer has been subsidizing care for life-long smokers, alcoholics and drug abusers through the Medicare system for generations now.  Those people choose their lifestyle habits. No one can choose with whom they will fall in love.

I see nothing wrong with allowing gay couples to validate their lifelong commitment to each other with a marriage. Marriage is between two loving individuals.  To try to deny that right to any person labels them as second class citizens undeserving of the rights given to others, and calls to mind the failed “separate but equal” policies of 20th century segregationists.

It was wrong then, and it is wrong now.

Laura Rigney