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Letter to the editor
Poor planning marred graduation at West Forsyth
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Forsyth County News
On Saturday May 23 history was made at West Forsyth High School as the first graduating class ever from that school held commencements.  

Unfortunately it was marred by a bad decision to hold the exercise outside. Despite rain predictions for several days prior and ignoring dark ominous clouds, officials continued to insist that it would be outside and would continue after the “weather cell” passed over.  

Soon it was too late as everyone in attendance was soaked, including handicapped and elderly people. I would hope in the future that someone else would make the decision about being indoors or out. A 50 percent chance of rain is like a coin toss, heads for rain and tails for no rain, but when you see dark clouds and wind coming your way it is pretty obvious it is about to rain.  

Weather predictions and National Weather Service can be tossed out at that time, and a little common sense is called for.

Unfortunately too late for this class. These seniors and their families were owed an apology which never came.

Terry Bennett