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Letter to the editor
Rec center is badly needed
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Forsyth County News
I have noticed much debate over the choice and ultimately the funding for a recreation center to be built on the Buice Property located on Old Atlanta Road in the southeast corner of Forsyth County. My comment (and opinion) is duh. Not only does this make a whole lot of sense – but it is the right thing to do.

Of course I am biased – I live two miles away. But so do 19,000 other Forsyth County citizens. Parks and rec is in the business of providing recreational facilities and programs  to the citizens of Forsyth County, right?

My wife and boys are appealing to the commissioners to please consider funding the rec center for the Buice property. Besides the obvious, proximity to the most people in the county, there are several other reasons for consideration:

There is not any indoor facility available in this whole quadrant of Forsyth to play basketball or any other indoor activities such as gymnastics, volleyball, youth games or even meeting rooms. Central Park, Dobbs Creek, YMCA and the newly approved Fowler Park Rec Center all offer this type of facility.

With its proximity to the new Lambert High School, it will get used extensively – again isn’t that why it is being contemplated anyway?

Let’s think green for a moment – many miles and hours are spent every day by parents driving to and from other county facilities for their children.

The senior facility located on Sharon Road will also be able to link in with the rec center, which could complement programs and activities being provided to the older Forsyth County citizens.

I am very active in the Lambert High School cross country running program. I have discussed ideas with parks and rec for the booster club to work with parks and rec to help design, construct and maintain a nature/walking/running course for everyone to enjoy.

This course would also be a potential regional draw for a cross country meet and a possible state cross country meet, thus bringing a very bright spotlight, not to mention thousands of athletes and families, to Forsyth County.

As funds for the purchase of the Buice property were out of the $100 million “greenspace” bond money, the rec center would be a perfect complement to the remaining  natural area of this beautiful property.

Gill Sallade