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Letter to the editor
No planning in park projects
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Forsyth County News
According to a report in this newspaper, some major projects in the $100 million parks and recreation project are being delayed because of a shortage of funds and the lack of a master plan.  $100 million just does not go as far as it used to.  Sadly, we cannot blame anyone but the voters for this one. The voters of Forsyth County approved this bond issue in February 2008 without any plan or knowledge of who would administer it.
Payoff of these bonds is about  $200 million. Good thing we are a very rich, conservative county and money grows in our “green space.” 

On the positive side, we have made some landowners and contractors very rich.  We now own land that is worth at least 10 cents on the dollar of our payback. We have a concrete path coming along nicely in the Big Creek flood plain. Our mountain trails are very nice.

When the county asks for the next $100 million we should request that they have a viable plan in place. After all, we are not the U. S. government or California, you know.

Mitchell L. Easter