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Letter to the editor
Letter on elections board right on spot
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Forsyth County News
Election board actions absurd. Tony Gardner hit the nail on the head with that statement. If you happened to miss his letter last week, you need to read it.

Brant Meadows tells me he owns and operates a real estate company. Why would a real estate person be on the planning commission with all the possible conflicts of interest? For that matter, the head of the current Republican Party, Ethan Underwood, is affiliated with Emory Lipscomb’s law firm that does a lot of zoning work in Forsyth — another possible conflict of interest for Brant Meadows, affiliated with local Republican Party.

I believe that county commission chairman Charlie Laughinghouse should ask him to resign from the planning board, and he should also resign from the election board. I have never seen one man cause so much dissention in the county.

Some of the things Gary Smith has had to battle the last few years.

1. The Secretary of State has been asked to remove him. She did not, but she did praise him.

2. An internal audit by the county, that cost thousands.

3. An outside audit that cost thousands.

4. Now a $100,000-plus audit that included Gary Smith.

Brant Meadows has been pushing a lot of this. It is almost as if Brant Meadows wanted Gary Smith’s job, we know the real estate business has been bad.

I wonder how many elected and appointed officials could survive all this scrutiny. We might find out when and if the feds do come. They will ask questions of a lot of people, not just Gary Smith, and they put you in jail for lying. Some will probably have a problem with that.

I believe the last audit should be made public, after all the taxpayers paid for it. Just like we paid for all the others.

Bill Dickerson