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Letter to the editor
Health care system must be changed
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Forsyth County News
We need to revamp our health care system!

The Medicare Part D “donut hole” needs to be stopped. Generics would lower drug costs and should be available upon request of a physician.

There needs to be guaranteed coverage for Americans age 50-64 who have lost their health coverage because of their health status, or have existing health problems when they change jobs.

Follow-up care benefits for people who are discharged from hospitals will help to eliminate re-admissions to hospitals. This follow-up care would also help in developing a system for long-term care for people to stay in their homes and again save money.

I realize that many people do not have health care. The loss of jobs is one reason, the high cost is another and the insuring of illegal aliens is another.

There should be a health care policy for all Americans who loose their jobs. Perhaps a Medicaid type system, but by some other name with a co-pay or a small monthly payment, that would provide health care until those out of work can find work. If they would manage Medicare and Medicaid like a business, cut the waste, duplicate payments and fraud, they would have enough money to provide health care for folks that do not now have health care.

Lyn Silverthorne