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Letter to the Editor
County should own a public golf course
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Forsyth County News
This letter has to do with the lack of a publically owned and maintained golf course. Many local people who desire to play golf frequent Bennett Park, Coal Mountain, Midway, Sharon Springs or Central Park, but none of these aforementioned public parks offer golf. (I am not speaking about the Frisbee golf course at Central Park.)

And most of the golfers are paying the taxes to provide all of these facilities, and many users of the parks don’t pay any taxes. Many of the local golfers must go to the surrounding area to “pay to play” golf.

I could be wrong, but I understand that all three high schools in the county have golf teams. Where do the team members practice or compete? Surely the schools pay for them to practice somewhere and for the use of surrounding golf courses for competitive games. The board of education should be all over the local governmental authorities to assist with the development of a local public golf course.

One of the best golf courses, Lanler Golf Club, is already right here In Forsyth County. Maybe, just maybe, the home owners might win their lawsuit in which case Forsyth County would be open for the purchasing of one of the finest and already established golf courses in the area.

Other counties in our state own golf courses. Recently it was reported that Forsyth County is the 13th richest county in the state and yet we can’t afford to have a county owned golf course on which the taxpayers and Forsyth citizens can play?

I also understand Forsyth County is talking about spending $3.18 million on part of the Etowah River for canoeing. I have put a canoe in on the Chestatee, Etowah and Chattahoochee rivers without ever paying any money. Duh! Where is the common sense folks? But that is a topic for another time.

George Marks