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Letter to the Editor
Ledbetter wasted county tax money
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Forsyth County News
I read the July 20,2008 Forsyth County News (FCN) story regarding [Tax Commissioner Matthew] Ledbetter and his post-election decision to reel in spending.

The article mentions that several taxpayers expressed outrage over the department’s spending. You can add me to those folks who are disappointed with the tax commissioner’s spending habits.

Since Mr. Ledbetter is in the process of reeling in his spending, as a taxpayer I have a few suggestions for him: You, state auditors and salespersons should pay for your own lunches and not be charging your lunch back to the county taxpayers. Schedule your management meetings at the beginning/close of the business day. If you must meet during the lunch hour, have everyone bring a bag lunch.

If you are to have either a Thanksgiving or Christmas function, a potluck meal should suffice.

Your staff should insure that any county vehicle they use is brought back/driven out with a full tank of gas. Trips should be planned in such a way you can get to and use a county pump. Why not vacuum or wash your own county car? That would show me that you appreciate what we are doing for you.

Use the county purchasing system, as the finance department told me they had an office supply contract with a next day delivery.

You are an elected official and it saddens me the way you used taxpayer money for so many questionable expenditures. You may have the best customer service in the state and have had 42 tax commissioners review your operation; I commend you for your success. However, I am sure you did not brief them on your questionable spending habits.

I voted for Mr. Ledbetter both times he ran for tax commissioner. Would I vote for him if I knew what I know now? No! The article closes with the following comment from Mr. Ledbetter “But I want (residents) to know I make the best decisions I feel will benefit taxpayers the most.”

I am sure that Mr. Ledbetter has many supporters who will disagree with my comments. I only ask that they read the FCN article and think long and hard about Mr. Ledbetter’s use of your money. Mr. Ledbetter stating that he was taking steps to reel in his questionable spending habits — after three years — makes me wonder if we re-elected the best person for this job.

Joseph Litton