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Letter to the editor
Job creation bill good for Georgia
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Forsyth County News
As a small business owner, I support the Jobs Act of 2010 being proposed in our state Legislature. It is good for Georgia’s economy and Georgia’s residents. While some people want to confuse the issue, there are principles that stand true throughout time and economic situations.

1. Unemployed people can’t be taxed

2. Government taxation and control in any form limits individuals from starting new businesses, providing new jobs to the local community, and developing innovative solutions and technology that will benefit society

3. Allowing people to keep more of their hard-earned income and invest it where their interests and passions lie will enable people, not the government, to create a more solid economy and respond to the needs around them. The government can then focus on what the government was created to do, leaving everyone better off.

The Jobs Act of 2010 provides eight initiatives to level the playing field and encourage investment in Georgia’s economy and new jobs for people out of work. Our state legislators have an opportunity to vote on a measure that will help turn the tide in Georgia back toward a more stable economy with an influx of more and better jobs.

I agree with Rep. Tom Graves, sponsor of the measure when he stated “The hard-working people of Georgia — not big government — are the key to our economic prosperity."

Linda Ebert