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Letter to the editor
No excuse for litter along roads
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Forsyth County News
I’ve recently moved to south Forsyth County (Sept. 2009) and am amazed by the natural beauty the residents share here. On the other hand, I am amazed at the amount litter here.  

Forsyth has more natural resources in the form of wetlands than most county’s in Georgia, so why isn’t more being done to keep them cleaned? I’ve spent the last three months picking up litter (mostly construction trash) along side McGinnis Ferry and the newly opened Ronald Reagan Parkway.  

Even today, after my months of picking up the trash left to sit by the road workers, they continue to throw their lunch and whatever else they don't need on the ground. Most of it blows down an enbankment and right into the water at the bottom of the hill, where it will sit for years.  

I have made contact at Forsyth County and all they do is point blame to another department. One positive outcome is that the Adopt-a-Road and Adopt-a-Stream folks have heard my calls for help and at the very least provided me with more orange garbage bags and the pick-up services of Forsyth County.   

Something has to be done as the county continues to allow this to happen.

Scott Nicholson