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Letter to the editor
Medigap reform vital to those on dialysis
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Forsyth County News
I am writing in support of the medigap reform policy passed this month in state Senate Bill 316, and now before the state House. It would allow greater access to dialysis and transplant care without having to enroll in Medicaid.

This would save Georgia $20 million over 10 years. Currently those 65 years or older can get medigap coverage.

I am a dialysis patient suffering from End Stage Renal Disease. Because of my age (47 years), I had to cash in life insurance policies and spend nearly all of my savings to pay medical bills related to dialysis.

Those of us who are unable to get insurance, have to enter a “spend down” program to be eligible for Medicaid. Many patients, like me, have to dialyze three times each week for up to four hours each session.

Medigap coverage for those under 65 is needed so that I and others like me are not dependent upon state assistance or end up in bankruptcy.

David Smith