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Letter to the editor
Health care law violates Constitution
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Forsyth County News
Oh, the irony

Has anyone else noticed the irony happening this month? The federal government is pressuring us to complete and submit two federal forms. The first is the personal income tax form, to assure the government that it has seized its fair share of our individual earnings. The second is the census form, to ensure that our community gets its fair share of government funds. And they expect us to have the good manners to pretend we don’t know it’s our money.

If the new healthcare reform law stands, around this time next year, we’ll submit another form to the federal government. This form will open our health insurance choices to scrutiny by federal bureaucrats.

IRS agents will use their superior knowledge of our lives and health history to decide whether we’ve chosen the health insurance policy that best serves our needs. If they decide we haven’t, they’ll tell us what to buy. If we refuse, they’ll hit us with a fine.

The new law adds 16,000 additional IRS agents to the federal payroll to handle all that healthcare paperwork. The estimated cost is $10 billion.
Does anyone think that won’t raise our taxes? In another couple of years, they’ll no doubt have to add a few thousand more. These agents will be working in the field, making visits to our homes to assess our life-styles. Yes, that intrusion is also included in the healthcare reform law.

Several states are fighting this federal power grab. As of this writing, Georgia isn’t. That leaves those of us who love liberty to invoke the 10th Amendment on our own: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

The Constitution doesn’t grant the U.S. government the power to force “we the people” to buy anything. It’s our guarantee that government can’t trample our unalienable rights to liberty and self-determination. In manufacturing a “right” to healthcare, Congress is clearly violating Constitutional limitations on federal powers — and our birthright of individual freedom.

Heather N. Kolich