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Letter to the editor
Proud to serve with others in state defense force
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Forsyth County News
Every month I am proud to serve with a band of brothers and sisters who sacrifice time away from their jobs, families and friends to serve the citizens of Georgia and the United States. They don’t complain about the cost, missed Little League games or other sacrifices made — they do it because they understand that “freedom is not free” and that it is all about duty, honor and country.

The best payment they receive for these sacrifices is when they are in uniform and a small child approaches them and simply says “thank you for your service.” The reply is always “you are welcome,” but the feeling inside is huge — you can see it in their eyes, hear it in their tone and understand the feeling in the quiet moments that follow. They know they have accepted the “thank you” for all of the service men and women who have made the same and even greater sacrifices.

Now is the time for parents to follow the examples of your children. If you truly want to thank a veteran or the men and women who serve this country, then regardless of your politics, say thank you by exercising your right to vote. That is what sacrifice is all about.

Sgt. John S. Derucki

911 Support Command
Georgia State Defense Force