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Letter to the editor
Now is not time to raise taxes
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Forsyth County News
In response to the June 24 article saying the millage rate for the county is going to increase: I found it disturbing when I read the article that the county commissioners are considering the increase due to a budget shortfall.

In this economy and with so many people out of work or working less, is the correct solution really to punish the homeowners in Forsyth County? Is it the homeowners’ fault that the county commissioners and department heads cannot maintain a balanced budget.

Why didn’t the county put back the surplus when they were raking in money for impact fees, etc.? Instead there was over spending. What would happen if I went to my employer and said, “I over spent and didn’t budget correctly, so I need a salary increase to get me out of my financial hole?”

I think they would say get a grip and readjust. Since the county commissioners and the department heads are employees of  the citizens of Forsyth County I think we need to say the same. Get a grip and come up with another plan, or find another job.

Kyle Holbrook