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Letter to the editor
County commissioners not doing their job
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Forsyth County News

Well, our commissioners have done it again to the tax payers. They fired our county manager and have wasted tax payers money in the process to the tune of over $500,000 since 2004.

Now they have to hire another manager with probably more money than the previous manager was making. They also have to hire someone who will bow down to five commissioners, who have their own personal agenda and pet peeves.

They tell us that they fired the present manager because she was not qualified to start with and that she had to hire outside help to help her do her duties. OK, why did we hire her to begin with if that his the case. Also they said she drew $5 million out of the reserve fund to offset the deficit, where the commissioners had overspent to begin with. And said that she did not have permission to do that but the county lawyer said she did have this permission as stated in previous minutes of a prior meeting. After all it was in the financial statement that they received.

It looks like they do not read this and need someone to hold their hands and keep each one of them informed personally rather than doing the job she was employed to do.

I believe that if the commissioners had to pull this money out of their own pockets it would be done entirely different. It is a shame and disgrace that they have no shame for mistakes that they make and also that they cannot work together without all the bickering and in fighting over all the decisions that they make for the county.

Stop this nonsense and become adults and do the job you were elected to do, watch out for the people of Forsyth County so we can be proud of our place to live and raise our children.

Sid Barfield