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Letter to the editor
No justification for higher county taxes
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Forsyth County News

Like thousands of Forsyth County residents, I received my property tax bill on the 10th. I could not understand why my bill increased  when all home values are decreasing due to the economy.

We were led to believe by voting for the SPLOST tax to continue (through scare tactics, especially toward the elderly) our property taxes would not go up. As you can see we were misled. It seems to me that the dispersal of funds should be monitored more closely.

For example, why are we building so many new schools when the roads and future water  needs of our county  are in need of immediate attention. It’s time our county leaders meet the needs of the many, not the needs of the few. There must be another way  all residents, not just homeowners, share the tax burden other than by using SPLOST money.

There is no justification for my tax bill to have increased by almost $200. I no longer have a child in school yet Im am burdened by paying such an overwhelming school tax. For the record, I voted against SPLOST because my gut instincts were correct in knowing this would happen.

Tim Conley Sr.