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Letter to the editor
Not every child in a car is endangered
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Forsyth County News
Last week I visited the Forsyth County library. I needed to drop some books off at the book bin. There was a long line of cars, so I decided to pull around to the side of the line. I rolled down all four windows, shut the ignition off, took my keys and walked a total of six feet to the book bin.
Apparently some woman decided that she would call the police and report me. Her statement to the police was that “there was a baby trapped in a hot car.” First off, my son is 9 years old, hardly a baby.  Secondly, I had all four windows rolled down. Thirdly, I was standing 6 feet away from him (and talking to him the  entire time by the way). He was in no way in any distress from the heat and was laughing and joking with me as I stood there.

Why this person did this, I will never know. Whoever you are, you wasted the police officer’s time by making a false statement. I understand that nowadays many parents leave infants in hot cars and that is serious. This was clearly not the case and the officer knew that. 

Making false statements to the police is a crime! My son could have been taken away from me and he is all that I have since losing both of my parents last year. If that would have happened, I would have sued the heck out of her.

This woman did not even approach the car to see if my son was OK or verify that I was obviously his mother.  If she was so concerned why did she not do that? Why didn’t she hang around until the police showed up either? If you were just mad at me because you thought I was cutting in front of you in line, then you didn’t need to get revenge by making a false statement to the police. Whoever you are, please think before you do that again, otherwise the person you may end up bringing grief upon will be yourself, because you will be sued for every dime you have. Think about that.

Christine Meyer