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Letter to the editor
Government has too much control
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Forsyth County News
When did we as citizens get so comfortable and let our government take over our lives, as is happening in our schools and healthcare?

For instance, take public schools (or should we say government schools): the money we are offered always has strings attached to it to make us conform to their rules before they will let us receive our money.

The worst thing that ever happened to our schools is when the federal government and state got involved in telling the school system what to teach in order to comply with their rules and to receive our money. I think our Board of Education has enough sense to do this without the government getting involved.

The next worst thing is the parents of these children, and us all, allowing the government to run their lives and the lives of their children.

It doesn’t matter how much money is spent on each child if the teachers don’t have the time to teach. They spend a great part of their time trying to pacify the government with reports.

The “No Child Left Behind” bill is a joke because all children do not learn at the same pace. For example, you put 10 kids with 15 or so kids who can’t or won’t learn, and you have made a terrible problem for the teacher and the kids.

Watch out when the government wants to give you something or says “this is good for you,” because this means they want to make you dependent on them so they can control your life.

I am proud of our school system in Forsyth because they turned down their part of the $400 million that was split up to different districts because of all the strings attached to it. Thank God.

Sid Barfield