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Letter to the editor
WFHS deserves praise for SAT effort
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Forsyth County News
The article which appeared in the Sept. 15 edition of the Forsyth County News appropriately highlighted the two high schools in the Forsyth County system that attained the highest SAT score and the greatest gains in last year’s testing. I am proud to be a part of a teaching organization that values academic achievement and celebrates its success. In fact, I have already congratulated Dr. Jason Branch of South Forsyth and Mr. Rudy Hampton of Forsyth Central on the accomplishments by their respective scholastic institutions. The academic leadership of these two proven professionals is a model for all.

In the meantime, the only mention of West Forsyth High School was the following sentence: “But with a 1623 average, the school (South Forsyth) is about 64 points ahead of West Forsyth High, which at 1559 was the next highest scoring local school.”

Although the statement is an accurate representation of the standing of West Forsyth among the four (Lambert was not eligible) county high schools, it fails to fully inform the reader of the monumental achievement turned in by West Forsyth.

For starters, the 1559 score is a whopping 31 points higher than West Forsyth scored last year in its first year of reporting. Yes, that’s right!.This is only the second year that West Forsyth has even had the opportunity to report SAT scores and already it is second in Forsyth County and making gains toward No. 1.

Additionally, West Forsyth completed its lofty mark by testing a total of 100 more students than it did last year, another amazing effort often overlooked by those with a focus solely on the bottom line.

Finally, the 1559 tally reflected a score of 48 points over the national average and 103 points beyond the state average. Again, it must be noted, all done by a school in just its second year of reporting SAT results.

As you can tell, I am proud of the achievement of the students of West Forsyth High School. Likewise, the faculty at West Forsyth deserves much recognition for its work and encouragement for success. This partnership was summed up recently in an email to Bob Carnaroli, director of counseling, by a parent. “The success of the school and more importantly, the success of the students already shows in the FCS dashboard statistics and reported metrics. It is a team approach that seems to be working.”

Yes, it is working. The statistics prove it.

Richard W. Gill, principal

West Forsyth High School