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Letter to the editor
Kudos to Cumming for annual fair
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Forsyth County News


I just want to lend a great big thank you to the city of Cumming as well as the county for allowing our Native American Showcase to join you once again for one of the top fairs in the country.

The Drew Exhibition is one of the cleanest and safest traveling fairs in the world and the real selling point of the whole fair is the positive energy implemented into it by the fairground director, Dave Horton, and his staff.

Dave has got to be the hardest working guy on the planet, and his mode of operation is based on the simplicity of his work ethic and honest good nature. These components backed by a progressive thinking mayor, police chief and officers along with the spirit of its towns people will be the mainstay of a stable economy even in the hardest of times.

Tourism is America’s No. 1 industry and your community is sharp enough to support this as they have become more than just a backdrop to the fair and are a living part of it. We look forward to seeing you all once again and value the opportunity to lend an entertaining and educational program based on Forsyth County’s rich history as well as the great diversity of Native America.

Chipa Wolfe