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Letter to the Editor
Election staff deserves kudos
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Forsyth County News

I just had the great honor to cast my ballot at one of the early voting locations here in Forsyth. 

The entire process took less than five minutes. The staff was efficient and very professional. I feel it is very important to vote, and as such I have voted regularly since I was 18, more years ago then I would like to admit. 

Here in Forsyth, we are blessed with a fantastic elections staff and impressive system to help keep the voters informed. Before going to the polling location, I went onto the county Web site and was able to view, and review, a sample ballot. The specialized sample ballot was extremely helpful, and the presentation was state of the art. We have the best and most automated voting system I have ever had the privilege to use.

Particularly after my experience this week, it truly amazes me that anyone ever thought to attack our stellar Board of Elections chairman, Gary Smith, as some did earlier this year.  

Gary and his team continue to ensure that Forsyth County is a leader in this crucially important area, not only in the state, but also in the nation. We need to applaud these dedicated, talented and knowledgeable people and thank them for their service. Job well done. Thank you Gary Smith and team.

Harry DeHaven