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Letter to the editor
Congress is filled with hypocrites
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Forsyth County News


Such hypocrisy!

The House of Representatives will vote in November to consider an annual $250 increase to Social Security recipients. History will probably repeat last year’s vote and it will  not be granted as (on orders from The White House?) the Social Security Administration will decree there has been no cost of living increase to justify the additional $250.

Yet, my gasoline, beer, food, etc., have gotten more expensive ... or is it my old aged imagination? And, The House will probably deny the increase yet they will authorize themselves a cost of living increase like they did last year — another year one was denied to me. That’s on top of their CEO-type salaries, nearly free health insurance, retirement and numerous benefits they have voted for themselves. What hypocrites! For that reason I will vote against any politician who has an “incumbent” square next to his or her name. Vote the #@$&%*+ out!

Tony Martinez